Born - 1st July 1987, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Life is colorful, exhilarating and pleasant. Its colorful hues often leave deep impressions and everlasting impacts on all through iconic colorful modules and vivid aesthetic norms. Vivid realistic and impressionable occurrences and happenings in a human life often leave indelible impacts on a sensitive soul and result in perceptive expressions revealed in visual fine arts or any other form of art.

Deeply impressed by the sanctity and relevance of life around me, I have endeavored to present this series through a free and open mind and a rational outlook along with a pragmatic experimental approach. It enables me to express vivid hues through the inner thoughts and the harmony of apt colors via their rhythmic perceptions. Every day, one has to go through vivid facets of real-life experiences in various arenas in different seasons and environments. These real-life experiences, in fact, inspire
and duly motivate the artistic genre in a sensitive artistic mind to create an artwork using the relevant colorful and rhythmic hues thereof in the conducive environments of human life.


Using an array of apt iconic motifs and visual metaphors as well as idioms, I have exemplified subtle nuances of the life cycle in colorful formats in my visual language of expressions. Their perceptions in a semi-realistic expressive style truly illustrate the vivid complexities of life through aesthetic perceptive visual motifs which leave an everlasting impact on all due to their uniqueness and simplicity in apt perspectives of visual fine art. I look forward to an encouraging and appreciative public response for my present endeavor depicting the colors of life incorporating their subtle nuances in relevant arenas and strategic compositional peculiarities supported by the skillful interactive expressions in vivid modes.